iM3 straw - vanddesinfektion til tandunits

• Compatible with any size dental bottle
• Install only takes a minute with the new Luer Lock fitting
• For use with distilled water

• EPA-registered to provide ≤ 10 CFU/ml, 50x lower than the current guidelines
• Built-in shock kills odor causing bacteria
• Internal pre-treatment reduces impurities in water

• Significantly reduces human error
• Continuous disinfection for 365 days
• Includes a Luer Lock fitting to prevent incorrect installs

• Non-toxic and non-corrosive
• Does not adversely affect composite bond strength
• Meets BMP compliance and does not contain oxidizers such as iodine or chlorine, which have been shown to release mercury into dental waste water

The Bacteria Problem
Biofilm is made up of odour-causing bacterial colonies that adhere to the internal plumbing walls in dental units. If not properly treated, all waterlines and valves become coated with this bacteria that grows exponentially at room temperature and contaminates the water.
The result is unpleasant odours and unsafe water.

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iM3 straw - vanddesinfektion til tandunits